soteLook, I love Eternal Darkness. You love Eternal Darkness. You know who doesn’t? Bastards. That’s who. As such, the fact that fledgling studio Precursor Games, with the full support of creator Denis Dyack,  has every solemn intention of doing a sequel called Shadow of the Eternals and, in fact, have already released a simple but effective teaser for the game via IGN SHOULD hypothetically be enough to get most gamers doing a Snoopy dance that never stops.

But we’re not.  See, that teaser isn’t necessarily for a game already neck deep into production, but a proof of concept advertisement for a crowdsourced funding campaign for the game that kicks off on Monday at the official site. Which, you know, would be all peaches and gravy, except for that other factor being that with Dyack’s/Silicon Knights’ involvement comes the very, VERY strong possibility that, unless they’ve gotten their collective shit together in the kind of ways they make Academy Award-winning documentaries about, this game’s production will be a financial/logistical shit tsunami of Olympian proportions, and that’s if the game doesn’t take 10 years to happen at all.

They’re asking for $1.5 million for the chance for that to happen.

Still, this series has always deserved better than languishing in obscurity. A revival is more than welcome, that teaser does a good job building off the first game’s groundwork, and according to IGN, we’re looking at a 12-part episodic series, aimed at PC and the WiiU, which needs that shot in the arm of mature, original gaming like whoa. Maybe, tentatively, consider getting excited at an undetermined point in the future.

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