Last month it was announced that Majesco was bringing back the team behind Parappa the Rapper. NY artist Rodney Alan Greenblat (the guy who created all the characters) and musician and game designer Masaya Matsuura would be reuniting to work on a new music game project, but no details on what it would be were given. A new press release issued today tells us just what it is-

Ahhh, alliteration. I’m not sure if they thought the name was cute, or they just want you to feel embarrassed to ask for the game at a store.

As you can probably tell from the title, the game’s about a marching band, and you’ll play the role of the conductor. The game will make you use your Wii remote as a baton to keep your band members in tempo to the music, and also to snag items and recruit new members. There will be 8 locations that you conduct parades through, with 15 instruments to add to your crew. Also available are 30 “well-known” marching band tunes in original compositions.

There’s even a suitably goofy storyline-

In a town where marching bands are prevalent and everyone is looking to be the best, Major Mike Minor is fairly ambivalent towards marches despite hailing from a long line of illustrious Drum Majors. After his parents present him with a “special” baton that magically attracts band members to fall into rhythm behind the leader, will Major Minor finally fulfill his potential and share the joy of marching with the world?

While it’s cool to hear hear the Parappa guys getting back together, a marching band game? Really? A rapping dog is one thing, but c’mon. Let’s just hope the songs are catchy, and the thing’s got some length to it. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt… the Parappa games have all been great (that needless PSP remake notwithstanding.)
With this, Wii Music, and a new Samba De Amigo on the way, could the Wii become the best system for music games?
(Without a DLC-equipped Rock Band, no, but it’s a nice thought.)