The details from the next episode of Sam and Max‘s second season has been released, and it’s a subject close to my heart. It’s called Sam & Max: Night of the Raving Dead, and yes, zombies attack! And they’ve come to dance. I’m not sure where this obsession with the raving undead came about, but we can all bet that it’ll be a helluva lot more entertaining than the latest Return of the Living Dead. I’m really hoping they packed this one with horror references.

A new online trailer shows off some of the new locations of the game, and the Eurotrash vampire in charge of it all. You have to love the silent film feel of it…

The game will first be hitting Gametap two days earlier than anticipated on February 12th, followed by a release on Telltale’s site the next day. Expect a full review on the 12th!

Check Telltale’s site for more info.