Welp. ¬†Yeah. That’s pretty much how you accomplish putting a vagina on your one-sheet.

Appropriate enough poster for Von Trier’s sex epic, which will have absolutely no problem grabbing eyeballs marketing-wise. I’m still just hoping Trier has something more interesting than well-photographed junk smashing against other well-photographed junk to show us. I suspect he will, but until the moment any of us see the movie itself, the conversation is just going to be so loaded by the “SEEEEEEEXXXXXXXX” thing.

THAT SAID, the cool thing about this image is that we’re talking about a movie in which a woman frames telling her life story using the sexual encounters she’s had, promoted by a poster featuring two brackets (which, hey!, are used around the beginning and ends of a though) that also form a yonic symbol. Visual subtext y’all! Point to the marketing team on this one.

Fingers crossed for an interesting trailer soon.

via The Film Stage