11-23-63We’ve all spent some time wondering what we would do if we found ourselves traveling back in time, and what, if anything, we would do in regards to major tragedies that we could attempt to prevent. Stephen King put such ideas to paper with his novel 11/22/63, which sees a man sent back in time five years before the assassination of JFK and his ensuing struggle to prevent the assassination from happening. I assume things get more complex than simply ringing up the White House and telling them to cancel the Dallas parade…

The novel was released in late 2011 to a positive response, and now it appears fated for a mini-series adaptation on cable. Bad Robot has acquired the rights to adapt the novel through their deal with Warner Bros. TV, and they aim to package it for cable, expanding from the network shows they’ve been involved with.

Regardless of how quickly 11/22/63 moves, Stephen King will soon be on your TV with Under The Dome, which is set to premiere in June.


Source | Deadline