inherent viceYou see, the title is a joke because the lead character smokes pot.

It’s been clear for a while that Paul Thomas Anderson would be following up The Master with Inherent Vice post-haste, and now we have it confirmed that he’ll be rolling this very month. PTA-devoted blog Cigarrettes & Red Vines caught wind of the plans for PTA’s next and turns out the director is back to working with a major studio after his turn with studio hobbyist Megan Ellison. Warner Bros. will finance what Anderson has described as a Cheech & Chong-style movie that will put Joaquin Phoenix in the shoes of a pot-smoking detective that gets wrapped up in an intricate, pulpy crime tale.

Not only that, but Anderson will work again with D.P. Robert Elswit shortly before he shoots the Bay-produced Ninja Turtles. Elswit was busy with M:I4 and Bourne Legacy while PTA and Mihai Malaimare Jr. played around with 70mm for The Master, but PTA’s usual partner is back for this one (which will be straight 35mm). Aside from the aforementioned break on The Master, Elswit has shot every one of PTA’s films.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, PTA and Megan Ellison are still on good terms, so he still has a home next time he wants to take on a risky project.