It’s not that I’m genuinely torn over the concept and trailer for Paul Andrew Williams’ film The Cottage; it’s just a horror flick, after all. But I always want new (and new-ish) filmmakers to do well, and if it seems like the horror/comedy route is the one to take, I’m willing to go along. Provisionally, at least. Worked with Christopher Smith and Severance, after all.

But why does The Cottage have to look like another one of these: A few people are stranded in a remote house where they’re menaced and subjected to bodily harm by an unknown stranger who is either masked or disfigured. Make this story with animals and you’d have some odd version of Watership Down; make it with humans and it’s just another movie.

Make it with Andy Serkis, though…and Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentlemen) and the perfectly cute/determined Brookside vet Jennifer Ellison, and what have you got? We’ll get some idea when the movie hits the UK in March. Until then, arouse your curiosity for gory comedy with the exclusive trailer at Empire Online. Or don’t.