I wasn’t crazy about that last, excessively cobwebby picture we ran a week or so ago, but anything that entails Indiana Jones wielding a freakin’ bazooka is a-ok in my sedulously researched, extensively footnoted book.  Apologies for the tiny picture, but this is Empire‘s exclusive, so if you want to see the whole image, you’ll have to skip over there.  Just don’t stay away too long.  I’ve got batch of never-before-seen footage from The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck going up in a few minutes.

The new issue of Empire Magazine is hitting newsstands (remember those?) on Friday, and it’ll also include a shot of Cate Blanchett “in action as Agent Spalko”.  Additionally, the Empire crew spoke with producer Frank Marshall, who says the picture is locked and ready for John Williams’s score.  When asked about the tone of the film, Marshall compared it to Last Crusade.  No eyeball soup for you!  But how does a plate of baked Doody sound?

And we have just a little more info on the debut and content of the trailer:  first, there’s been a delay of some undetermined magnitude in the completion of the trailer.  Does that mean they’ll miss the 14th?  Um, no.  But I wonder if they’re doing a little tweaking after the mixed response to AICN‘s description.  Could be nothin’, could be a little less than nothin’.  As for what you’ll see, it looks like Moriarty’s scooper was basically correct, though there might be more actual dialogue than initially indicated.  I just want to see the damn thing myself already!