I am proud to present my nineteenth selection. Tremors, by Fernanzo Fro Reza. A great 80’s horror flick that has held up thanks to a great tone and wonderful performances from all. If you watch The Following and like that Kevin Bacon guy, stop watching that show and watch this! You can get it off his site (LINK) and mention CHUD.com in the notes… you can pick ANY of his designs that aren’t yet sold out FOR FREE. Two for the price of one. That’s a good ol’ American bargain. Spread the word if you dig it:



Here’s a few color variations. Click the image to enlarge!


And a variant Fernando decided to make as well!


You can get a print of this amazing work here within the next day or so (don’t worry, the money all goes to the artist), and we would love it if you passed the word to friends and foes alike. My next choice is going feature numerous monsters.

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