Deadpool Screenshot (Small)

In Marvel’s ongoing quest to conquer all things media, the character of Deadpool has been something of a strange non-starter. One of the most popular (and arguably overexposed) Marvel comic B-listers, his appearances in the mainstream have been limited largely to cameos and supporting roles, most notably Ryan Reynold’s portrayal in that one X-Men movie we don’t talk about. You can’t keep a good Deadpool down though (literally, healing factor), and on June 25th (28th for our UK friends) Wade Wilson goes cross-media on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and as recently confirmed, PC. Deadpool is being brought to you by Activision and High Moon Studios, best known for the superb Western Steampunk Horror FPS Darkwatch. Alright, so they’re probably best known for 2 out of 3 pretty good Transformers games, but they should be known for Darkwatch, dammit. Handled poorly and Deadpool can be one of the most obnoxious characters in comics, but when you add in past Deadpool scribe Daniel Way on story and the always dependable Nolan North returning for voice duties, fans of the character have good reason to be hopeful. Check out the trailer below:

Also, for those into the whole pre-order thing, Gamestop’s offering up a pair of challenge maps and unlockable costumes, as well as a digital wallpaper. Amazon meanwhile has a $5 credit towards select Marvel comics. It also looks like the game will be retailing for $49.99 on consoles and $39.99 on PC, so cheapasses rejoice!

Credit to Eurogamer for the original article.

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