Following up yesterday’s online-only release of the Comic Con footage¬†from last year, we have a new banner for Pacific Rim that is super cool. The monsters are all the way out in the open now!

I’m excited to see what the actual second trailer for the film will look like. The Comic Con footage is wildly effective, but that’s not going to be what’s in front of all those eyeballs in movie theaters. The next trailer is key to selling this film as a blockbuster event to the general public, so I hope it’s an effective one.

It’s funny- I’m simultaneously confident and nervous about both of WB’s tentpole action films this year. Both Man Of Steel and Pacific Rim look great, have accumulated awesome buzz, and generally feel like big hits in the making, and yet I’m as anxious as I could be about them*. Ultimately this should be a no-brainer hit, but who doesn’t want to see more work of this scale from the director, and who doesn’t want to see Del Toro land a true-blue, no holds barred success? It makes a nerd nervous is all.


*this is relative anxiety- I’m not losing sleep about a mega-conglomerate’s product at the end of the day.