A-Good-Day-to-Die-Hard-3For the moment Die Hardest is merely the working title of the sixth film in the McClane franchise, but I suspect it’s one that will stick. It’s a shame. Even when I went silly and came up with a dozen or so possible titles for new films in the franchise, I never even made the joke that they’d settle on the obvious and clunky Die Hardest. Shit’s two steps from Die Harderer.

In any event, the project has begun developing after the worldwide succes (and decent domestic run) of the fifth film, though in an almost unofficial capacity. A gent by the name of Ben Trebilcook is currently writing a draft of Die Hard 6 that would take McClane from NY to Tokyo. The catch is that he landed the gig via consulting producer Larry D. Webster, which means Bruce Willis and lead producer Alex Young must get on board.

I’m sure Webster didn’t set Tebilcook loose without word one from the others, but since he’s not their boy so to speak, Bruno and Young could as easily cast aside this script as not. It’s a crapshoot at best.

There will be a sixth Die Hard film one way or another, and you’d think it would be about time for Willis to officially hand over the franchise. Whether that ends up being reality is another matter, but Trebilcook says he’s shooting for a Rocky Balboa quality to the script, so take that as you will. Also, with them pulling the trigger on Die Hardest as a working title, one suspects they’re envisioning this as Papa McClane’s last hurrah.


Source | Total Film (via /Film)