As principal photography proceeds on the newly christened Quantum of Solace (probably the most universally adored title since Attack of the Clones), tiny little details of plot are beginning to surface in the British press – which apparently goes into a collective, virtual shutdown whenever there isn’t a James Bond film in production (this may be a gross exaggeration, but accuracy is for losers and convicted rapists).  What I’m about to share with you may ruin the film; tread lightly, mein freund.

Mathieu Almaric has informed The Times that his villain, Maurice “Don’t Call Me ‘Mo'” Green gets in a “big fight” with Bond at the end of the movie.  And it’s going to be a real slobber-knocker, too, ‘cuz he’ll “have to be in shape for it”. 

But wait, there’s more!  Gemma Arterton blabbed to BBC Newsround that her fetching Agent Fields is tasked with keeping Bond “under control”.  She also mentions something about coming to a “sticky end”; in other words, she either gets rogered by 007 or perishes in a vat of donut glaze. 

Since there’s renewed interest in the Bond franchise on account of Casino Royale being marginally better than Moonraker*, it’s inevitable that more substantial spoilers will trickle out of the next few months.  Some folks are genuinely cheesed over knowing even this much, but it’s not like Almaric let slip that his character is actually Ernst Stavro Blofeld.  And if that comes to pass, you should direct your fury at the writers, not me.

MGM unleashes Quantum of Solace on November 7th, 2008.

*Potential bad omen: Almaric also mentions that he consulted Michael Lonsdale about his iconic performance as Hugo Drax.