Charles Durning is one of the busiest guys in Hollywood (or at least he likes to LOOK busy), which is saying something as the guy is going to turn 85 next month. According to Variety, Durning has just added another film to his collection, A Bunch of Amateurs, which will be brought to the screen by shitty television director extraordinaire Andy Cadiff (out of The War at Home‘s 44 episodes, he directed 37).

In the film, Variety says, “Durning will take the role of a sleazy Hollywood agent who tricks his client, a fading action star played by Burt Reynolds, into travelling to England to play King Lear in an amateur charity production.” Ironically, Reynolds can currently be seen as the non-titular king in Uwe Boll’s latest abortion. That is, if the theater you frequent is among the 84 still showing the film.

As you may know, Durning received the lifetime achievement award from SAG last night,  which was, naturally, presented by Reynolds. Given Durning’s either drunken or senile state when receiving the award, I’m going to assume Durning agreed to do the film after he and Reynolds walked off stage together.

Not that it really matters. Rescue Me aside, Durning’s filmography as of late has been pretty boring, and his upcoming slate is lame as well, with shit like the MySpace horror flick iMurder. I must admit, however, that this one, in which Durning plays Satan, could be a winner.

A Bunch of Amateurs begins shooting Feb. 2.