Whatever else Stephen Sommer’s GI Joe movie is, it’s going to be the 2009 blockbuster with the oddest cast ever. Sienna Miller as the Baroness. Rachel Nichols as Scarlett. Joseph Gordon Levitt as Cobra Commander (!). And now the rumors from Latino Review have been confirmed by Aint It Cool News – Channing Tatum will be playing Duke, the leader of the GI Joe team.

I really like Tatum a lot. I think he’s an actor with remarkable talent and a serious future, and while I think he’s too young for the role of Duke – this is a guy who should be played by someone who you can believe is running an elite military unit, and should be at least in his mid 30s – I can’t fault the kid for taking the shot. This is a major movie, and if it’s not a complete disaster, it’s going to be be huge for his career.

One caveat: as strange and interesting as the GI Joe casting has been, I don’t think Sommers has ever gone for obvious casting choices, so I don’t think this means his latest film will be any better than the last few stinkers.