DieAntwoord-theFword (2)I’d suspect that this is about as strange as movie news is going to get today, and here we go.

Neil Blomkamp is already working on his third feature, Chappie, a scifi comedy that will follow up his impending Elysium. We’ve finally got a (great, if unsubtle) look at that film, and now Chappie is starting to shape up. The news today is that the film’s leads have been cast and they are… Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er.

Either your eyes just glazed over or your brain just exploded, and it all depends on if you’re familiar with the bug-fuck crazy South African rap duo Die Antwoord.

I feel stupid for not pulling the trigger on the RLMVs column I’ve been planning for this groups videos for ages [EDIT: But now I have, and it’s right here], but basically the two make aggressive rave or “zef” rap. “Zef” is a sort of white trash, poverty chic counter-culture stemming form South Africa and largely spread by Antwoord.

You’re most likely to recognize Yolanda Vi$$er’s unique style, as David Fincher appropriated it for his Girl (the one with that tattoo of a dragon) after briefly flirting with casting the rapper outright.

In any event, Blompkamp has made the batshit pair the leads of a $50m scifi comedy. I barely know hot to process that, but it’s pretty spectacular nonetheless.


Source | Channel 42

Props to Paul C  on the boards spotting this several days ago on a site I’m not capable of reading.