Today brings a brand new trailer for David Cage’s Beyond Two Souls. It’s an ok trailer, showing off a good cross section of tone and story from the game, along with a fancy ass title card stating it’s an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival.

The game had a special showing at the festival over the weekend, representing “the future of film”, and that squelching sound you’ll be hearing in the next few minutes is serious film critics stabbing themselves in the neck, especially since, for all of David Cage’s talk about pushing games into the realm of interactive drama, there’s an awful lot of explosions and military bullshit going on towards the end of the trailer. That trailer, playing in real life, wouldn’t seem out of place for something that went straight to Redbox, albeit, something that’d probably be worth the $1.25. Have a look for yourself:

Cage came to the show with 35 minutes of gameplay as well, which is embedded below: An extended scene showing Ellen Page’s Jodie living the hobo life. If nothing else, it confirms what we all already knew given the headliners, that performances this time wouldn’t be a problem. Page is as good as always here, even through the Uncanny Valley, and Cage deserves some credit there for finally getting closer to what he’s been aiming for since Indigo Prophecy. Thing is, the presentation is typical for an adventure game, but not so much a movie, which actually works in its favor as a game, since no other medium would be able to support the experiment. As a short film, though? It’s paced like lead.

While this wouldn’t be the first time a game has seen the stage at the festival–Red Dead Redemption had a showing a couple of years back–I’m really, really curious to hear how non-gaming mainstream press/cinephiles took to all this, not knowing exactly what kind of weird-ass experience a David Cage game is before going in. Sadly, all the coverage of the footage at the moment is all gaming press, which might say everything right there.

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