The trailer for Midnight Meat Train hit theaters attached to a gorier movie called Rambo (my review) and reports are coming from our message boards about how people are laughing at the title of the film when the trailer plays. Never mind that it looks vicious and gory as fuck, it has a name that sounds silly. If the trailer wasn’t so damn dark and obviously bleak I could understand the complaint but when it’s how it is, the name of the film isn’t that big of a deal and it’s kind of a grisly title in context. Doesn’t bother me.

But the real thing that pisses me off is this: It’s an adaptation of the story Midnight Meat Train.

I know a lot of people aren’t going to be nitpicky about Clive Barker adaptations, especially stuff from the lovely Books of Blood series, but it’s the name of the damn story. In a world where we have movies about Ya-Ya Sisterhoods and Last Mimzy’s, I’m not worried about the title of this movie. I’m worried if it’s going to have BALLS. Isn’t that a little more important?

Then again, it’s very easy to scoff at trailers. A paying audience pays to see the main feature, and oftentimes the pre-show experience is one about getting jabs off at upcoming films they see in the trailers. They pay for that right.

But, while Midnight Meat Train is hardly a great title, it looks like it means to kick our ass and I don’t care if it’s called Rooftop Abortion III: The Beckoning.