Yahoo Movies must be really starved for content.

Today I’m browsing my RSS feeds and what do I stumble upon but their movie section reporting that Heath Ledger’s Body Just Left The Funeral Home. What? It’s bad enough that the press is having a field day with what is actually a really sad and unfortunate loss of talent but to focus on every bit of minutia about the handling of his remains? That’s not only dumb, it’s flying in the face of good reporting and contributing to the bullshit that plagues media of all types. Let me use this site as an example. We’re not perfect and we’re not as respected or well-funded as Yahoo and we certainly don’t pull their numbers. But even in our worst days of spending too much time on a particular subject (Cloverfield, Serenity, The Boogen) we’d never get as bad as these people get in regards to what is considered news.

The man died. They covered it. The results of his autopsy were revealed. They covered it. No offense to the family and friends of Heath Ledger but I think his story is pretty much over. Unless they find out some damning evidence in further tests, there should either be no more news reports on sites claiming to be ABOUT MOVIES unless it’s a retrospective or on projects affected by his departure.

It’s not that I expect more from Yahoo Movies, but I kinda do.