I think this is the last time I can run an Indy title pun for an article. Not going to promise it won’t happen again, but I’m going to try. Anyway…

Yesterday, Moriarty ran a possible description of the Indiana Jones teaser trailer that came from an unproven source. Today we got a brief missive from a reliable source which contained, in addition to some enthusiasm for our ongoing redesign (thanks!) a few more details about what’s being called Trailer ‘A’ for the flick.

Now, we don’t have the scene by scene description that Moriarty got, so I can’t verify or debunk the new and old footage that’s in the clip. But we do have a list of the title cards, which seems to confirm the basic description while refining some of the uglier details. The title cards could well go like this:

He protected the power of the divine.
He saved the cradle of civilization.
He triumphed over the armies of evil.
In May,
He’s back.

There are alternates to that last line, but all of it is better than the initial report, which claimed “He found the ark / He survived the Temple / He saved the Grail.” Cross reference that with what AICN got and it sounds like a solid little trailer for a film I’m genuinely surprised to be excited about.

We also heard that the film’s world premiere will take place at the Venice (edit: the source said Venice, but the date says Cannes) Film Festival on May 18.