I’m not sure what set this all off, but Mass Effect is being targeted by the media. The point of contention? The depiction of sex in the game.

Those of you who’ve played Mass Effect can immediately see the problems in this, as the game has a grand total of one sex scene in it, and it’s hardly an interactive experience.

Well, tell that to the guys at Fox News. Want to see people talking about things they know nothing about while trying to plug their books? Check this out.

Yeah, it was pretty obvious from their statements about multiple partners and graphic nudity that some people didn’t do their research on this game.

Thankfully, EA isn’t sitting this one out. Jeff Brown (EA’s VP of Communications) sent out a letter that asks the producer of this “show”, asking them to correct their flat-out inaccuracies in the depiction of their game.

Kotaku was the first to get a copy of that letter, go check it out and feel proud as Brown points out how this “represents a new level of recklessness” and points out that prime time shows depict more graphic content.

It really must be a slow news day for them to go after Mass Effect, a game that’s been out for months, but I can’t help but feel that if we don’t stand up for ourselves and our hobbies people will continue to try and run over us in the future. Good job, EA.