The latest Alone in Dark game has been in the works for quite a while now. The fifth installment of the groundbreaking series (it preceded Resident Evil by four years) was originally announced in 2005 but has been pushed back again and again.

Well, it looks like the game will finally be hitting this summer, if it isn’t delayed again, of course. A new trailer popped up yesterday that demonstrates how great it looks. Also shown is the much-touted new weapon system, where basically any object can become a weapon. The inventory system is also unique, in that you go into a first person perspective to look at the items clipped to the inside of your coat. This also of course means that you can’t carry a ton of things. 

The trailer shows the character using a lot of regular objects to help you on your way, and there sure are a lot of flames to play with. It’s pretty nifty how you can ignite wooden objects and them to swipe at enemies.It’s no surprise, really… check out those beautiful fire effects.

The story this time will once again follow series lead Edward Carnby who this time is exploring NYC’s Central Park. Mysterious things have been occurring there, besides the usual tourists getting mugged mercilessly. The park won’t be the only location… as the trailer shows, you’ll also be examining the sewers of NYC and some spooky buildings. The story will be split up in a strange episodic format this time, though, where each chapter will last around a half hour and end on a cliffhanger. Not explained is the jump in years… the original games were set during the 1920s.

Check the trailer out below, and the official site for more info. This of course looks like the version that will be hitting PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3, but there will also be a version hitting the PS2, Wii, PSP and DS. Let’s hope this one gets out to us soon.