OK, I promise I’m mostly staying out of this one. Not getting caught in that Cloverfield trap again. I hadn’t expected this, but given the success of their monster flick, I’m hardly surprised that Bad Robot has begun viral marketing for Star Trek. Granted, I’m not sure if the site NCC-1701 actually counts as viral marketing, since it’s linked from the film’s official site.

What you’ll see if you go straight to NCC-1701 or click on the red dot next to the official site’s Under Construction note is actually sorta neat: four security camera feeds which, when properly tuned, show grainy close-ups of…welding. Obviously, the Enterprise’s construction team at work, and possibly a hint of things to come. The low drone of…warp engines? space? public interest in the franchise? whatever…is an eerie accompaniment to the footage, and the whole package feels nothing like Star Trek. Bad Robot is definitely still in Cloverfield mode for this one. Yet that respect my curiosity is piqued, and I actually hope that this might be the way Paramount and Bad Robot release the first images of the crew.