That handsome bastard up there is largely responsible for the stunning beauty of some great films in the last half-decade- Let The Right One In, The Fighter, The Girl, Bad Faith, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy specifically. The first and last in particular are some of the most gorgeous films you could run across in recent history. It’s all the work of Hoyte Van Hoytema, Dutch cinematographer. He’s also the new man behind Christopher Nolan’s camera.

hoytemaYou’re likely aware that Christopher Nolan has spent his entire career working with Oscar-winner Wally Pfister, but that professional relationship has come to an end with Pfister’s decision to take on directing films of his own. With Nolan picking up the space epic Interstellar (with Matty McConaughey!) as Pfister begins work on his own Transcendance, this means a new D.P. must be chosen, and Nolan has settled on Hoyteman.

This is a brilliant marriage of visual artists, and I’m eager to see the results. Hoyteman will be stretching his wings with this- he’s mostly worked in urban, period settings. This doesn’t mean the confines of a ship in space aren’t right in his wheelhouse, but there’s some aesthetic adaptation required that couldn’t be more exciting.

via NolanFans