Because of the behind the scenes work we’ve had going on with our redesign, I didn’t get around to posting the interview and clips from Choke that Rope of Silicon sent over on Friday. They’re all over every other site now, but if you haven’t caught the footage yet it’s worth a look. Director Clark Gregg talks about his approach to the film and generally what it’s about, and there are a few in-line clips of Sam Rockwell in action as the story’s central figure. The movie looks like an indie effort, but in this case that’s probably an asset; the story (about a guy who intentionally chokes at restaurants to prey upon the good will of others) could easily get out of hand, or just get lost, in a $50m movie.

And the follow-up news is good: Fox Searchlight just bought distribution rights to the flick for $5 million. That covers most global territories. We don’t know when the movie will actually see distribution, but this fall isn’t out of the question.