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Hey look!

I’m kind of stunned by how much sharper and more sophisticated this film looks than its predecessor. They’ve got a TV veteran behind the camera with Alan Taylor, and yet this looks like a very real step up from almost anything we’ve seen from Marvel, including Iron Man 3 and The Avengers.

Not knowing Marvel comics well, I don’t know what the big T thing crashing around Asgard and Earth is, but I like the idea of that kind of threat, and the visualization of it looks great. Now we’re left to wait and find out if all the love triangle, Jane-in-Asgard, treacherous Loki drama works on any level. The story promised here still seems pretty basic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for these standalone pictures, if they’re pulled off well.

Oh, and damned if Loki isn’t going to continue doing exactly his behind-glass Hannibal thing…

I’m officially as excited for this as I’ve ever been for a Marvel film, so good job Mr. Taylor and company!

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