In 2006 there was word that Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character might get a cinematic revival; more recently there had been rumblings that Harrison Ford might even come back to the fold with Philip Noyce (Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games) again directing.

But now Moviehole has heard directly from Noyce that he’s not back on the project, and neither is Ford. What Noyce has heard, apparently, is that Paramount is eyeing Ryan Gosling as the new Jack Ryan. Gosling would possibly be starring in By Any Means Necessary, which many have pointed out is not the title of a Clancy novel. Indeed, Paramount has the rights to do whatever they want with Ryan, including concocting an entirely new script for the next film.

I don’t disagree with Devin when it comes to faith and interest in Gosling, but maybe the chance to take a spin with an established character like Ryan could be a turning point. Ironically, that would mean buying into exactly the Hollywood machinery that Gosling seems to be interested in avoiding, but if that’s what it takes to make his career really work, might as well do it with a proven property.