We’ve been hearing for a couple weeks that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury wouldn’t be the only possible Marvel movie cameo this summer, but the notion of Tony Stark appearing in The Incredible Hulk had been only a rumor. Now William Hurt has confirmed to MTV that he has a scene with Robert Downey, Jr. as Stark, which he called…”funky”.

You’ll hear this taken as further evidence of Marvel’s interest in The Avengers, which is going a bit far for the moment.

But if nothing else, it shows what an advantage it might be to have one studio, and the originating studio, at that, be in control of a whole bunch of comic book adaptations. Guest appearances and crossovers have, for better or worse, been the hallmark of the Marvel and DC universes and to see that happening on screen, and with name actors to boot, is a great thing. If this means The Avengers is going to happen, that’s even better, but for now I’ll just be happy to have a good cameo to balance out the obligatory Stan Lee walk-on.