Peter Berg, one of several people who can’t stop making movies, is going to jump head first into the simmering drug dealer biopic genre, and he’s bringing Mark Wahlberg along with him.

Perg’s picked Wahlberg to play John Roberts, the drug deals previously profiled in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys. Roberts was a Vietnam vet who distributed cocaine for the Medellin cartel out of Miami, beginning in the late ’70s. As is so often the case with massive drug dealers, Roberts achieved a stupid level of power in the Miami area. Why can’t web writers earn the same cache? We deal our own addictive crap every day. Then again, Roberts eventually did ten years in the pen, and I’d probably bitch out after a week.

Berg’s film doesn’t have a title yet, and there’s no word on a script or start date. Peg it as after Edwin A. Salt and before Dune, which is going to take some time to get rolling.