www.chud.com/nextraimages/sundance_marquee.jpgI’m coming to you from Park City Utah, home of the Sundance Film Festival… and of me, for the next ten days. I’ve been in town for the last four hours and I have learned something important about this tiny ski community:

It is so fucking cold.

It’s 11 degrees right now, and it just started getting dark. It should get down to a balmy three degrees tonight, and I’ve been told a major snowstorm is forecast for tomorrow – we’re talking 8 to 10 inches. The last time I got 8 to 10 inches…

Anyway, it’s cold as hell. I just did a live appearance on G4’s Attack of the Show via satellite, with lovely Main Street behind me, but I had to wait 40 minutes in the cold for it. By the time I was done my feet, clad only in Chuck Taylors (I have better shoes, but didn’t get a chance to change), were numb. I’d like to reiterate to you that it is very, very cold.

I don’t know what my Sundance deal is going to be. I will lug my laptop with me wherever I go so that I might give you guys updates whenever possible, but I can’t promise what those updates will be. I was planning on taking it easy and just absorbing the Sundance experience, but Drew McWeeny gave me the old Jedi mindtrick the other night and I think I’m going to actually try to see a ton of movies. I was against that idea originally because a) I feel like when you see five movies a day you’re not watching them with as much openness and enthusiasm as you can and b) I’m lazy and like to get drunk. But Drew told me that he feels like the movies seem to be getting left out of Sundance reports, and I can’t disagree with that. Maybe I’ll see more movies than I feel is healthy.

Of course you guys won’t miss me much this weekend, as the site will likely be down as we transfer everything to our new design and new back end. I’ve seen it and played with it, and I think you’ll like what’s in store. The new site will make it easier for us as updaters to give you more news in a more timely fashion, especially stories that just don’t deserve long write-ups.

Now I’m going to work on my Cloverfield review before heading off to the party for In Bruges (I didn’t say I would stay sober. Just that I would try to see a bunch of movies). In the meantime, send me warm thoughts. I’m going to need them.