Yeah, you heard that right. While we do have a brand new Bionic Commando game coming our way for the big systems (as we told you here) the guys at Capcom are hard at work bringing the original classic back to life. The title will be updated with new graphics and sound and titled Bionic Commando Rearmed, and will be available to download on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network.

IGN grabbed some info on the title, and since nothing we say can describe how good it looks in motion, check out this amazing trailer.

How great’s that new music? I feel bad for those of you who aren’t excited by the sound… you must not know how love feels.

The game is based on the NES version that people are more familiar with. Fans of the original will have to take some time to get used to the feel of the new bionic arm though, it seems. As Ben Judd (producer of the game) told IGN- "We have expanded upon this array of moves and given the player the ability to lift up non-fixed objects – such as enemies and barrels – and throw them, as well as connect and pull on handles in the surroundings to trigger door mechanics or unscrew bolts that keep obstacles in place."

Those hoping that this version would change back the "Badds" to Nazis and be able to explode Hitler’s head (instead of "Master D", his name over here), well, sorry. It’s still the original Western names, and we don’t want any kids killing Hitler now, do we? But what it will have is a more fleshed out storyline that will apparently tie in to the upcoming remake.

Rearmed will hit in the spring, Is it sad that out of the two new Bionic Commando games, I’m more excited about this one?