Sega just released these new screens for their video game adaptation of Iron Man, and while it’s nothing terribly interesting, they’ve definitely got the look right.

They seem to be mostly lifted from the trailer that went around last month, but they sure are pretty. One can only hope they get the feel of flying right, as it would be pretty damn cool to fly around the desert, knocking down missiles and planes. Gotta love the feel of this shot (which was sent upside down), for example.

You’ll be able to switch between flying and hovering modes in the game, to better attack enemies.

Sega still hasn’t released any solid details on the plot, so we have no idea what other Marvel characters will be in it, or it will simply follow the movie. The game will of course be released for every console they can, but there’s no release dates yet besides simply "2008". Let’s just hope they don’t rush things just to get it out close to the film.