Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall’s Video Games Live has been doing terrific. Their unique concert has been touring every year since 2005, playing sold out shows all over the world. What can you expect at the show? A full orchestra performing video game music with a screen in the background, playing everything from Ghosts and Goblins to Dragon’s Lair to Metal Gear Solid.

They’ve just announced their 2008 tour, with 40 shows confirmed and more on the way. A list of dates is available at this link.

They do look like a lot of fun, even though it’ll definitely be the nerdiest experience in your life. Ever.

I’m not joking. Just watch these people dorking out to One-Winged Angel.

It brings a smile to my lips and a shudder to my spine. I want to go to this. And I’m not sure how to explain it to my fiancee…

If you’re interested, check out the official site for all the details.