If you don’t read The Playlist, you should*. It’s a great blog that covers (mostly) the use of music in film, and they’ve got an occasionally sharp talent for sniffing out the weird ways that pop music and film intersect.

For instance, they noticed a few days ago that Carter Burwell’s blog mentioned that Karen O, singer and songstress from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is contributing songs and "other pieces of music" to Spike Jonze’s upcoming Where The Wild Things Are. They also got word from Sam Spiegel, Jonze’s brother and YYY’s producer, that O "is doing most of the music. I’ve helped out a little with ideas, but she is pretty much doing the whole thing."

You may realize that the film is having some issues; it’s been pushed back to 2009, reportedly because of effects problems, but Jonze has got the music angle locked, at least to a degree. In addition to Karen O’s work, Burwell (a consistent Jonze collaborator) will be handing additional score duties.

Curiosity about this movie is just killing me.

*You should also spend time reading through Carter Burwell’s site, which has some wonderful first-hand info about his many scores.