theevilwithinShinji Mikami’s been awful quiet since Shadows of the Damned. That should’ve been our first signal that something was horribly wrong. Actually, God Hand should’ve been our first signal that something was horribly wrong, but, you know, mentally. Either way, the guy has emerged from his terrorcave with this IGN-exclusive trailer for The Evil Within, his first project with his own production studio, Tango Gameworks, currently owned by Bethesda, but also, supposedly, his final game as director. And the guy seems to want to go out with a fucking bang.

Now, granted, the trailer is one of those asshole live-action trailers that may or may not resemble final product. But I have zero doubts about the tone being closer to accurate, and that tone hoves closer to the Hellraisers and Silent Hills of the world than it does Resident Evil. Considering the current state of the Silent Hill union is piss-poor, the Resident Evil 4 guy filling the niche is equal parts lulzy and fascinating. Either way, the trailer’s bursting with things that, even after Silent Hill, you don’t see every day, and probably don’t want to. IGN are the only ones to say for sure what we can expect, and they’re mum until April 22nd, when they reveal the first true details and impressions of actual gameplay. Until then:


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