louisckIf you want proof that even the most famous and comedically successful start in the same place, check out this handicam film from 2000 that features a swath of comics that are enjoying film, TV, and stand-up success today. While the two biggest names are Louis C.K. and Nick Offerman, you also have guys like Jon Glaser and Kevin Corrigan showing up. For some context, note that C.K. was already making appearance on late night shows, doing half-hour TV specials, and writing Pootie Tang- so this was right on the cusp of his career starting to gain traction. Offerman was just starting a string of bit parts and extra work that would slowly develop into larger reoccurring TV roles until Parks & Recreation made him into Ron Fucking Swanson.

True to form, Louis’ segment is about an unsatisfying blowjob, while Offerman plays a bleach-blonde delivery guy who ain’t great at his job. Overall the film is a meandering collection of shorts about different characters and their turn-of-the-century LA problems, taking place almost entirely offermanin cars. Poor sound and video quality aside, there’s some funny stuff I ran across in my skimming.

The film is the brainchild of director Bob Byington, who recently directed Offerman in Somebody Up There Likes Me. It was written (and uploaded) by Adam De Coster, who has a Foley Artist resume a mile long.