April 17
Film/TV: More episodes of Homeland. Yeah, season two grates on the intelligence a bit. Especially the second to last episode of the season. Also watched a well-pitched but frustrating Braves loss.
Music: Listened to Angel Dust by Faith no More. Still my favorite.

Comedy: None.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Mixed a couple of solid hookahs. Ate a horrible pizza, and has a pretty good tuna sandwich. I’ve really not been drinking much at all. A good thing or maybe should I drink more for strictly therapeutic purposes.

Family: Sadly, no family time.

Friends: Out of nowhere a friend I haven’t seen in 5 years walked through my door. Was great. Seems he’s doing well. Got to hang with my favorite Scotsman and the circle of greats like Johnny Mak, Jason, and Andrea at the shop as well as the regulars. Good to see them.

Work: Both kinds of work. A very unrewarding and annoying day at the shop due to a lack of customers and a few realizations about matters which restrict mine ad the store’s potential to do well. On the other front I combed through many many pages of text looking for nuggets. Getting there. I think.

Art: No.

Goodies: No.

Screenwriting: Notes and reference material.

Projects: Trying to make time to bust on the couple of gigs that pay and further my career. Got depressing news about my favorite gig, but it’s not the end of the world. Especially after a much-needed clarification phone call from the absolutely best person in the entertainment business.

Minutia: I’ve decided no sandals this year. Hate seeing them on other people, hate the way they look on me. Plus, my arches are so shitty it’d be a fool’s errand.

Activity: No, unless standing around for six straight hours behind a bar is an activity. Oh we played a bunch of darts too, but that hardly qualifies.

Ailments: Nothing physical. Trying not to let the mental incur physical ailments.

Shrink’s Chair: Being backed into a corner creates interesting new possibilities. I understand religious epiphany and I understand self-destruction. Right now I’m trying to decompress time so that the lows don’t seem so low. It’s a shitty time on many levels, but perspective is key. Plus, I have the sweetest kids ever and well-manicured balls.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Someone who is in their 50’s and not grown up enough to avoid ludicrous territorial pissings. I have a particular person in mind.

True Trivia: My best thinking happens in the shower. If I could have a waterproof office with unlimited hot water and could work standing up in a shower/office, I’d be the most lucid and productive man on the planet.

What Did I Learn Today: Every possible avenue I have to make enough money to dig out of this crypt I’m in is barricaded right when I run up panting.

Link of the Day: Video of the Waco explosion. Holy fuck.

Wasted Domain of the Day: Butthole.biz. How do you not make magic with this domain?

Looking ahead to tomorrow: I have my little man all day. Then Pain & Gain.

The Day’s Rating:


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