heroesIt was only a matter of time before¬† someone tried to follow in Netflix’s footsteps, thus driving one more nail in traditional network TV, and it looks like Microsoft’s the next one wielding a hammer. TVLine is reporting that not only has Microsoft started a new division specifically for creating original programming for the 360 and/or, the NextBox 720 whathaveyou, but that the studio is looking to resurrect Heroes.

Details are a bit thin right now, but this new incarnation of Heroes would be going the Scrubs Season 9 route of having brand new characters, but with the original cast making the occasional cameo.¬† I skipped out on Heroes three or four eps into Season 3, but I know the series finale left the door wide open for this kind of thing. Especially considering how much of a plot fustercluck the whole thing had become after the first season, wiping the slate mostly clean could be a good thing. But, again, it could be Scrubs Season 9 all over again. In any case, the XBox entertainment division is being run by an ex-president of CBS, and thus means serious business, so don’t be surprised if this isn’t the only big name show to get announced as a console exclusive in the coming months.

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