The flash game is fast becoming a staple of the online movie marketing machine (and it’s probably the only component missing so far from the massive Cloverfield and Dark Knight campaigns, but I digress…).  The latest property to jump on the mini-game bandwagon is Saw IV, or, specifically, the impending release of Saw IV on DVD.

In the game, you’re presented with two people caught in the (in)famous Jigsaw traps and you have to help them escape.  There are a variety of objects to use and you have to figure out which objects to use in which order in which room.  It seems easy enough but, while I’m pretty good at puzzle and detective type games and such, I didn’t make a damn bit of progress.  I spent roughly 45 minutes playing this and I killed those poor digital bastards so many times David Fincher should make an epic 3 hour movie about me.  But who knows, maybe I’m a dumbass and you guys will sail right through it.  Click here to play and see for yourself.

Oh and Saw IV hits DVD and Blu-Ray on January 22nd.  If you’re gonna buy it, buy it from CHUD.