Remember back in January when Aaron Paul jumped the gun on Twitter and said Breaking Bad‘s last eight episodes would begin airing on July 14? And then a bunch of excitable people like me went and reported it? Well, it turns out Paul is a dirty, dirty liar, and we’re all going to have to wait an extra month to get our final Breaking Bad fix. AMC announced today that Sunday, Aug. 11 is the official premiere date, so mark your calendars, folks.

The cable net also revealed that Breaking Bad is getting its own post-episode talk show, a la the network’s Talking Dead, titled … uh … Talking Bad. I would have gone with The Heisenberg Principals and made sure folks from the cast and crew were on every week, but, strangely, no one consulted me on the matter. Oh, well. At least I have the chance to share this amazing photo:

Walter Jesse and Al

Source: EW

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