One of the cool little gems I discovered last year at the Savannah Film Festival was Violet & Daisy, the thoughtful, stylish crime film starring Alexis Bledel, Saoirse Ronan, and James Gandolfini.

The film is a bit of wing-stretching from the Academy Award-winning writer of Precious, Geoffrey Fletcher. He’s currently working with Cinedigm on a theatrical release for the film this year, with a VOD release following. The dates aren’t set yet, but we’ll be keeping you up to date when they’re out there. The poster above debuted at EW and comes with a brief interview with Fletcher you can check out right here.

I’m eager for more people to see this film- there’s a conversation to have!¬†Oh, and for those of you needing a chaser after The Host, Fletcher’s film will restore your faith in Saoirse Ronan.