’m not going to try to sell you on this one ‘cuz, frankly, Lionsgate ain’t trying either! The trailer for Roger Donaldson’s The Bank Job – inventive title, that – plays like a tribute reel to Ocean’s Eleven, Sexy Beast, Layer Cake, The Italian Job (original or remake), Scandal and Inside Man. Among others. And while I think Donaldson is more than capable of putting this material over, I don’t see anything in this trailer that justifies a $10.00 admission. However, this does look like the kind of movie that will play on HBO ad nauseum over the next five years, so maybe everyone recoups before Obama is in his second term.

The Bank Job draws its inspiration from a real-life Baker Street heist that was never solved. And this is the film’s hook: the particulars of the investigation were hidden from the public for over thirty years due to the fact that folks in high places (i.e. the royal family) were implicated. Only now is it safe to learn the truth about the 1971 robbery! The big reveal? Prince Charles was fathered by Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder.

The Bank Job is scheduled for release on March 7th (our lucky friends across the pond get it a week early), and should be available via Netflix come June.