Well, a slower week here for video gaming, but there are some niche titles you might be into. Just choose wisely…

 FlatOut: Head On (PC, PSP)
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If you like Flatout more than Burnout… you might be a redneck. Yes, the game is fun and all, but it’s a barely-concealed rip of EA’s series, just with some fantastic flying driver physics. Now it’s available for PSP and PC. I’m sure it’s a good time, but with Burnout: Paradise on the way, you might be better off waiting… but if you’ve only got a PSP, this might be worth a shot.


 Samurai Warriors: Katana (Wii)
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This is a spin-off of Koei’s Samurai Warriors, this time turned into a first person on-rails… slasher, I guess. Course, most of the game involves you slashing away at enemies, but you do get shooting weapons as well, such as shotguns and bows. There’s over 100 missions here and it seems to have some variety (there are puzzles scattered here and there) but this is the kind of game that will live and die based on how good the sword controls are. Let’s hope they don’t pull a Red Steel.


 Furu Furu Park (Wii)
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Furu Furu Park is a party game with over 30 mini-games. It sure is great to see a mini-game collection hit the Wii! The system has sure been lacking in that department! Also of interest- the description notes one of the game modes as “Love Challenge” where you “impress the girls!” That won’t be pathetic at all when you’re playing that alone in your house. The fact that the game’s only 20 dollars gives us great hope that this is a deep and involving game. Seriously though- with Wario Ware out, is there any need for another Mini-game collection on the Wii, ever?

 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence (Wii)
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This game’s been out on the 360 and PC for a while now, but now it heads to the Wii. I’m not too into the show, but the fact that Telltale Games (the guys behind Sam and Max) did this definitely makes me interested. Although I’m a little concerned that reviews have been just slightly above average. The Wii’s a perfect system for adventure games, though, so maybe it’ll help things along….

 Carrier Strike Force (PC)
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This is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The carrier in the title refers to the aircraft carrier where you start and finish your missions, presumably making them more exciting. I was never much for Flight Simulation, since I’d prefer to blow shit up if I’m flying a plane (I’m funny like that), but here you go.


 Miami Nights: Singles in the City (DS)
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You guys were almost denied an article this week, because when I read the description for this game I almost slit my throat. This game allows you to create a “detailed avatar” and “jump into the social scene in Miami, mingling, mixing, and performing your way to fame and fortune.” If that’s not the saddest thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. It’s bad enough that the game’s about becoming a celebrity, but it’s on the friggin’ DS?

“More then 160 different characters to meet, each with their own stats. You can talk to them, flirt, give them a present, as well as assault them and steal from them.” That’s pretty funny, because I’m fairly certain I’d like to do all of those things to the developers of this game. In that order, too!

 Rail Simulator (PC)
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I’ll be damned if I can figure out why people find simulating trains so fascinating. It’s not a terribly interesting job, I’m sorry. I saw someone playing one of these at an Arcade one time and wondered where the young man’s life went wrong.

I think I’d like this game better if it randomly had people jump in front of the train in suicide attempts. You’d have to jam on the brakes to avoid killing them and being forced into long therapy sessions in the future.

 London Taxi Rush Hour (Wii)
Why would you want this?

What’s up with all these random racing games for the Wii? Sure, this is another Crazy Taxi ripoff, but instead of taking people to the Fila store while bouncing around to Offspring tunes, you’ll be checking out London’s famous locations. Cause that’s fun. This is a 4-year old PC game (that you can find for $3), brought to the Wii by a company who’s well-versed in taking old shitty European games and sticking some Wii remote functionality in them. (See here for more of that)


 This Week’s Downloads!

Monday’s Wii Virtual Console Titles

 RiotZone (TurboGrafx 16 – 800 Points – $8)

AKA Crest of Wolf, this is actually a TG-16 CD game, one of only a handful. Yes, it’s a side-scrolling fighter, and no, I have no idea about anything else about it. Who actually owned one of those TurboGrafx CD systems, anyway?


 Pac-Attack (SNES – 800 Points – $8)

Tetris. This is Tetris with Pac-Man. (Whew, that was an easy description!) Apparently its appearance in dozens of Namco Museum titles wasn’t enough for you Pac-addicts!


Wednesday’s Xbox Live Arcade Title

 Boogie Bunnies (Original – 800 Points – $10)

A puzzle game with bunnies. This is a family game, as you can tell from its highlights on its official site being “Exciting Destinations! Stylish 3-d bunnies characters! Fancy dance animations!” Somewhat of a letdown after the last couple of weeks of releases from Xbox Live Arcade, but what can you do?

Whenever’s Playstation Store Title

 Super Stardust HD (Remake – $7.99)

This was actually released last week, but since Sony doesn’t believe in having a set day for releases or anything, you’re finding out about it now. This is the update of a 15-year old game that was originally released on the Amiga. It’s a shooter, and like most downloadable games it freely rips off Geometry Wars. This time you circle a sphere and blow things up with pretty explosions. it’s gotten great reviews, so maybe you PS3 owners have something worth getting.

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