Cube has already revealed to us that he’s in talks to play B.A. Baracus in John Singleton’s big screen adaptation of the 80s cheeze fest The A-Team; now the director tells Collider that he would like Woody Harrelson to also star, as Howlin’ Mad Murdock. What do those two actors have in common? Well, they’re buds with buds, if you get my meaning. Maybe Matthew McConaughey can play Faceman and Tommy Chong can be Hannibal. The A-Team could travel the back roads of Humboldt County defending the crop from greedy real estate speculators and industrialists!

Singleton also told Collider that he’s making a serious film – this is no Starsky & Hutch style spoof*. Thank God, we’ll finally get a movie that takes on the mounting issue of soldiers returning from war with no other options but to drug one another with milk and to have plans come together. Maybe Singleton can finally force the federal government to look into this massive, unspoken problem. Also, I’m glad that he has the courage to see the true drama at the heart of The A-Team, and doesn’t just dismiss it as repetitive, idiotic crap that helped train a whole generation to be ADD-riddled morons.

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*Ben Stiller: Who are you?
Andy: Nobody.
Ben Stiller: What’s that? Who?
Andy: Nobody.
Ben Stiller: That’s right. Nobody. Yeah, and who am I?
Andy: It’s either Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember.
Ben Stiller: Was that supposed to be funny?
Andy: You tell me, you were in it.