’s come down to the wire for the Justice League movie. According to Entertainment Weekly, Wednesday is the day Warner Bros will either let it move ahead… or pull the plug. If you asked me, I’d say that plug is getting pulled; I’ve heard from more than one source that nobody is happy with the script as it stands, and the word in the last week or so is that Warner Bros is just as unhappy with the (still officially unannounced) Laguna Beach-level cast that director George Miller has assembled. And of course there’s other internal dissension, most famously from Christopher Nolan (the guy who has made the only legitimately profitable superhero film from a DC property lately), who wishes this film – and its divergent (but still tied in, based on the story details I have gathered) version of Batman might reflect poorly on his planned trilogy of Bat picture. This movie has disaster written all over it, and unless the strike ends ASAP, the best thing Warners can do is wash their hands of the whole mess.

Of course things could be getting so desperate for 2009/2010 tentpole material that the studio may just let the thing go and hope that their marketing team can sell the picture to an unsuspecting public. The reality, though, is that this movie is going to cost so much that you’d hope the studio had at least some faith in it. Either, way, we should know the fate of the Justice League in a couple of days.