Around the parts of The B-Action Thread in the forum center of this great site, we’d been counting down the days until Wesley Snipes was going to have his freedom from prison. Now that he’s out, the word turned to “Will he finally be able to be in EX3?”

To go into a bit of history behind the franchise, the role of Hale Caesar was originally intended for Snipes. Then Fiddy Cent was cast, nerds called for blood (not blood in the sand) and he was replaced with Forest Whitaker and then finally the man who was perfect for the role. Terry Crews.

Well, Sly has confirmed what we all were hoping for. Snipes is going to be in The Expendables 3. Sly said this via Twitter (by sending it to himself no less.) He simply said “Wesley Snipes is BACK!!!! … …with US.”

There was also an overwhelmingly negative reception to his musing about asking Mel Gibson to direct the film. Personally I think it would be cool to see him take on a modern action film. That’s just me though.

Speculate away on the forums or the comments here on if Snipes will be a good guy, or will once again grace us with the over the top glory of playing a character like Simon Phoenix. It worked for Van Damme as JEAN VILAIN, it could work for him.

Let’s all just hope though that Sly finds some way to bring Van Damme back. That man was amazing in the movie.

Source: Hitflix