Well, the rumored new Man Of Steel trailer set to premiere last night turned out to be kind of a dud- the MTV Movie Awards broadcasted the message from General Zod above, which the Kryptonian seems to have distributed via BitTorrent.

Man-of-Steel-EW-2-ZodDon’t get me wrong- the aspect of Man Of Steel that I’m most excited about is Michael Shannon, so I’m happy to hear some Zod. Other than confirmation that he’s not doing some funny villain voice though, it’s a pretty weak message about surrendering Superman and having 24 hours is a little unsubstantial. I’m not sure why WB is taking this tack with promoting what they need to be such a huge film. All signs point to Man Of Steel being a great blockbuster that’s people are going to love, but the marketing has to do its part if they want to start a franchise and a shared universe and everything else that rests on this being a hit.

Get it together WB.