rumors that Liev Schreiber was going to play Young Stryker in
Origins: Wolverine
? They’re not true. Oh, Liev is in the movie. It’s
just that he’s playing… Creed. Yes, one of my favorite actors of
today is playing Sabretooth.

This is the real deal, received from multiple sources, none of whom
have ever led me astray. On the one hand I do have to say that Liev is
not terribly Cox-ian (Brian Cox originated the role), so I was always
skeptical on him as Stryker, but on the other hand Creed has never
been one of the more electrifying characters in comics. Beyond his
ability to have fights with Wolverine wherein they would disembowel
each other on the regular, that is (due to Creed also having a healing
factor). But when you have a real director on the movie like Gavin
Hood, and he casts a real actor like Liev Schreiber in the role…
well, how can you not be at least intrigued?

So who is playing Stryker? Nobody is set yet, but the producers are
darkly dreaming
Dexter, if you get what I mean. Meanwhile the rest of
the cast is still in formation, which means that the producers are
hunting folks down – one of the names that’s on the top of their list
is Michelle Monaghan for Silver Fox. I’ve heard a lot of names attached
to this one over the weeks – and reported some of them – and I know
that there’s another high powered actress that’s on the list as well,
so nothing is set in stone. But as I always say, the casting wish lists
tell you a lot about what the filmmakers are striving for, and a
Wolverine movie featuring Michael C Hall, Liev Schreiber and Michelle
Monaghan is a damn well cast Wolverine movie.