Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.04.26 AM

That button right up there will unlock a fun feature on some YouTube videos today. Celebrating the 2b0ceb1e282439ea36bfea4453f4bd9757th birthday of the development of VHS by AMPEX in 1956, the above button will turn otherwise crisp, HD videos into jittery, static-coated messes. Pause the video? A familiar jaunty distortion will hover on your screen.

An awfully backhanded tribute if you ask me, but I’m also not a big VHS nostalgia guy, so the sting isn’t too deep.

If you go here you can watch the new Man Of Streel Zod tease –which is already a mess of torrent-esque distortion– and see old school and new school video artifacts together as one! OR, even better, you can try it out on CHUD’s audio review of 42 and see what it looks like on otherwise normal images…