Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.15.20 AMSo, apparently the major event in Catching Fire –what I thought was kind of the basic deal of the second film– is a secret/plot twist! I say this because all of the comments about this trailer seem to be about how well they hide “the big reveal”… Since that’s the case I’ll refrain from going deeper into what bugs me about this book’s plot, but I will note how much better this film looks than the first! Like, way way better!

It’s evident just from this first trailer that Francis Lawrence brought more visual depth to the franchise, with this one actually looking like a blockbuster film rather than one step above DTV as Ross did. Just look at all the deliberate camera placement rather than the hyper-shakeycam bullshit! I’m already much more interested in the film, and that’s without bring Phillip Seymour Hoffman into the equation.

That’s all visual stuff though- still a lot of potential landmines in the script arena.

The film hits (and hits hard) November 22nd, 2013.